Recycling Fundraiser

Recycling Fundraiser: For Schools and Non-Profits

The City of Azusa, in partnership with Athens Services, is providing is providing special compartmentalized containers to schools and non-profit organizations that want to raise funds by recycling. After the bin is full, Athens Services will empty it, weigh the contents, and pay the school or charity for the recyclables at market rates.

Recyclable items to be collected in the roll-off containers:
  • Newspaper
  • Mixed paper
  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastics

Participating Locations

The following are currently participating in the program and residents are welcome to donate recyclable items.

St. Frances of Rome

501 E. Foothill Boulevard
(626) 334-2018

Dalton Elementary School
500 E. Tenth Street
(626) 815-5245

Murray Elementary School
505 E. Renwick Road
(626) 633-8700

Foothill Middle School
151 N. Fenimore Street
(626) 815-6600

Mt. View Elementary School
201 N. Vernon Avenue
(626) 815-2900

Hodge Elementary School
700 W. 11th Street
(626) 815-4800

Slauson Middle School
340 W. Fifth Street
(626) 815-5144

Center Middle School
5500 N. Cerritos Avenue
(626) 815-5190

Powell Elementary School
1035 E. Mauna Loa Avenue
(626) 633-8500

Lee Elementary School
550 N. Cerritos Avenue
(626) 815-5269

Paramount Elementary School
409 W. Paramount Street
(626) 815-5104

Magnolia Elementary School
915 E. Nearfield Street
(626) 815-5800
Valleydale Elementary School
700 S. Lark Ellen Avenue
(626) 633-8600