Additional Azusa Light & Water Rebates

Turf Removal Programs

Provides onetime incentive to remove turf from your property and replace it with drought tolerant plants, air & water permeable materials and/or premium grade synthetic turf. Programs are offered through Azusa Light & Water and SoCalWater$mart. Your location within Azusa L&W’s service area determines program eligibility. See below to find out which program serves you.
  • Inside City of Azusa - Eligible for Turf Removal Program through the Azusa Turf Removal Program    
  • Outside City of Azusa - Eligible for Turf Removal Program through (Due to overwhelming response has stopped taking new applications, please proceed to the website to be put on a waiting list. **Note: Being on the waiting list does NOT guarantee funding.**)

Pool/Spa Cover Rebate Program

Swimming pools are a major use of water and energy for homes and businesses. Based on the size of the pool and other factors such as air temperature, water temperature, humidity, heat, shade in the pool area, wind, and pool turbulence, a pool cover can help save as much as 10,000 to 15,000 gallons of water each year by reducing evaporation. Using a cover on a regular basis can reduce evaporation by 90 to 95%; this in turn can reduce the amount of required make-up water by 30%-50%.

Other Pool/Spa Cover Benefits:
  • Conserves water by reducing the pool's chemical consumption by 35%-60%.
  • Lessens cleaning time by keeping dirt and other debris out of the pool.
  • Reduces algae growth.
  • Helps to decrease heat loss and reduce heating costs.
By installing pool and spa covers Azusa Light & Water customers can conserve water and in addition save energy, reduce chemical treatment consumption and keep their pools and spas cleaner.

Rebate Guidelines

Pool/Spa Cover Rebate Guidelines:
  1. $50 or 50% of the purchase price of a manual placement pool/spa cover, or $200 or 50% of the purchase price of a permanent, mechanical pool cover, whichever is less
  2. Pool/Spa cover must conform to the size and shape of the pool/spa and cover at least 85% of the water surface to act as an effective barrier to evaporation
Pool/Spa Cover Rebate Application Form