Human Resources

Our goal in Human Resources is to provide the community with the most qualified employees who will give Azusan's the best quality service.

The Human Resources Team consists of 3 highly-dedicated associates who provide support services for the City departments and community we proudly serve.

Services & Programs
Human Resources administers Personnel and Risk Management Programs including the following:
  • Classification Plan - Recruitment and selection, classification / compensation
  • Employee / employer relations - Labor relations, including negotiations and contract administration
  • Employee benefit administration - Medical, dental, and life insurances, retirement (PERS), deferred compensation, and leaves
  • Liability claims administration - General liability claims filed against the City
  • Worker’s compensation claims administration - Employee industrial injury claims, including follow-up and after care of employees
  • Insurance review - Ensure that contractors and special event sponsors carry adequate insurance to appropriately protect the City (General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, and Workers' Compensation (self-insured) coverage for the City)