Business Basics

What is a City of Azusa Business License?
Generally, anyone entering the city for business purposes, or deriving income from business activity within the city is required to have a valid business license, even if the activity is on a one time or occasional basis.

The term “Business License” is a commonly used misnomer. A business license is actually a local tax on business revenue and does not act as a traditional license at all.

Azusa’s business licenses are issued for revenue purposes and are not regulatory in any way. The issuance or possession of a license confers no rights or privileges and only serves to prove that a business tax has been paid for the period specified on the license certificate. Licenses are not proof of compliance with zoning, building or any other regulations of the city.

Business licenses issued by another city or county are not valid in Azusa. Licenses issued by the State of California are regulatory and do not substitute for a business license in Azusa.

Because city issued business licenses are not regulatory, we cannot act on complaints regarding fraud, bad service or false advertising. Such complaints should be filed with the Federal Trade Commission, California Department of Consumer Affairs or the Better Business Bureau, as appropriate.

Revenue raised from business licensing is used for the day-to-day expenses of the city. Such expenses include police and fire services, street maintenance and public facility costs.

Resources for Establishing a Business
Find simple steps to help you do business in Azusa. This information is provided to assist you in establishing a business in Azusa. It is not warranted to be all-inclusive. Any errors or omissions herein will not relieve you of your responsibility in fulfilling all legal requirements. The following information gives you the tools for establishing a business in Azusa.