Division Functions

Long-Range Planning
The Planning Division performs the following long-range planning functions:
  • Developing and implementing goals, policies, and action plans related to community issues such as housing, land use, resource conservation, open space, transportation, and circulation
  • Monitoring the amount and type of development to ensure compliance with Congestion Management Program goals
  • Preparing studies to update City policies in response to changes in State law, resource availability, and community goals
  • Preparing and updating the state mandated General Plan
  • Facilitating public participation and community involvement in planning issues

Development Review
The Planning Division performs the following development review functions:
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and making recommendations on development and design proposals by private property owners and government agencies
  • Providing support to the City Council, Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator, and Cultural and Historical Preservation Commission
  • Administering the environmental review process in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Providing public information and permit services at the public counter
  • Answering questions from property owners, applicants, and other members of the community about land use and zoning requirements
  • Reviewing plans for proposed development for compliance with City zoning requirements
  • Preparing amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and Zone Map as necessary