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Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Several of the recent wildfires in California have been attributed to ignition caused by high voltage electrical lines coming in contact with vegetation. Only 4% of Azusa Light & Water's service territory is in the high fire threat zone in the north part of the City, and all electrical facilities in this area are underground and have a very low fire risk profile. Azusa's Wildfire Mitigation Plan documents measures taken by the Light & Water Department to fully mitigate the risk of wildfires caused by Azusa electric facilities.

Azusa engaged Guidehouse, Inc., to review the revised WMP as statutorily required, and Guidehouse has concluded that the revised WMP is comprehensive and meets the statutory requirements of California Public Utilities Code Section 8387. 

Please take a moment to review Azusa's Wildfire Mitigation Plan and Guidehouse’s WMP independent evaluation report available at the following links and provide any feedback:

Wildfire Mitigation Plan Independent Evaluation

Provide Your Feedback


After two years of low rainfall, the US Drought Monitor now reports that 95% of California is experiencing moderate to exceptional drought. Please set your irrigation timers and follow the watering schedule to help conserve water.

The watering schedule will change to three days per week from April through October.

Summer Months 
(April through October)
      Even Address  Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
      Odd Address  Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Commercial/HOA  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Watering by a hand-held hose with a positive shut-off nozzle, a bucket or watering can; a rain barrel; a drip irrigation system; or reclaimed, recycled or gray wastewater may be done on any day.

All mandatory water conservation measures (Water Rule 21) will continue to be enforced, including:

• No excess runoff
• No watering between 9 AM to 6 PM
• Watering is limited to 30 minutes per location per day
• No washing down hardscape
• Vehicle handwashing only with bucket and hose with positive shutoff nozzle
• No watering during rain events or 48 hours afterwards

In order to facilitate recharge of the local groundwater basin in preparation for future water shortage periods, water users shall actively seek to limit the total water usage to an amount equal to or less than the corresponding month of the prior year.


Water Rule 21
Water Conservation Resources