Schedule EDR-3

Economic Development Rate - 3


Applicable to qualified non-residential customers receiving electric service from Azusa Light & Water for the purpose of (i) incenting businesses occupying new buildings/facilities or certain vacated commercial space or (ii) industrial business attraction and/or expansion; as provided below or (iii) developing properties which either are or had been owned by the City of Azusa or its redevelopment agency for development purposes or (iv) encourage the location of new commercial customers in special retail categories or locations in the service area; as provided below.


Within the electric service area of the City of Azusa.


New non-residential customers occupying space in (i) new buildings/facilities or (ii) existing commercial buildings/facilities that have been vacant for one hundred eighty (180) days or longer, are eligible to receive a discount equal to 15% of the electric bill associated with the qualifying facility electric load for the first 36 months and a discount equal to 10% for the next 24 months. In addition, certain customers may qualify for an additional discount as described below, provided that no customer may receive both additional discount 1 and additional discount 2.


Additional Discount New Non-residential Customers developing “City of Azusa Owned Property”

Non-residential customers who are otherwise qualified to receive an EDR-3 discount and who develop City of Azusa Owned Property are eligible to receive an additional 15% discount to their electric bill for the first 12 months and an additional 5% discount to their electric bill for the next 24 months. “City of Azusa Owned Property” shall mean property owned by the City of Azusa or the Azusa Redevelopment Agency on January 1, 2012.

2. Additional Discount for New Industrial Load

Industrial customers otherwise qualified for an EDR-3 discount are eligible to receive an additional 15% discount to their electric bill for the first 12 months and an additional 5% discount to their electric bill for the next 24 months if the new or expanded industrial load is (i) sized at 100 KW or greater and (ii) is projected to have a monthly load factor of 50 percent or higher. The discount is only payable for months that the customer’s load meets these 2 criteria. For expanded industrial load, the discount is only applicable to the electricity usage associated with the expanded load. An Industrial Customer is 1 who operates facilities that are primarily used for the manufacturing of goods.


Additional Discount for New Non-residential Customers in Special Retail Categories

New non-residetnial customers who are otherwise eligible to receive an EDR-3 discount and whose primary business is: (i) Building Materials and Garden Equipment, (ii) Food & Beverage stores, (iii) Clothing & Accessories, or (iv) Food Service & Drinking Places, are eligible to receive an additional 5% discount to their electric bill during the term of their EDR-3 discount.


Additional Discount for New Non-residential Customers Locating in Azusa Downtown

New non-residential customers who are otherwise eligible to receive an EDR-3 discount and who are located in “Azusa Downtown” (which is defined as the area between E. 5th Street to the south, E. 9th Street to the north, N. Pasadena to the east and N. San Gabriel Avenue to the west), are eligible to receive an additional 5% discount to their electric bill during the term of their EDR-3 discount.

Special Conditions

1. Schedule EDR-3 shall become effective on August 1, 2015 and applies to customers who receive a permit or development agreement from the City of Azusa on and after this date to build/modify qualified non-residential facilities.

2. Customers desiring to take advantage of Schedule EDR-3 must file an application with Azusa Light & Water for approval not later than 90 days following initiation of electric service to the qualified new or expanded load. Applicants are encouraged to submit an application as early as possible in their siting/development process in order to ensure the applicability of the EDR-3 rate and the level of associated discounts for their planned location.

3. Upon approval and initiation of electric service, EDR-3 discounts shall apply for a period of sixty (60) months subject to paragraph 7 below.

4. The EDR-3 discounts shall not apply to the CEC fee, State Energy Tax, Public Benefits charge or any other assessment or charge levied on electric bills after the effective date of this rate schedule unless specifically provided otherwise. The EDR-3 discounts shall apply to the Power Cost Adjustment or any successor surcharge/factor related to power supply costs.

5. Expanded industrial load must be separately metered or sub-metered to enable verification of the minimum additional load requirement. Such metering shall be at the customer’s cost. The industrial discount premium shall not apply for any billing period that the qualified industrial load does not meet the minimum size or load factor.

6. Food & Beverage stores shall be a minimum of 7,500 square feet in size. Food Services & Drinking Places must offer sit down service, have a full liquor license and be 1,500 square feet or larger. The Utility Board may make exceptions to either of these qualifications if dictated by special circumstances.

7. Light & Water shall be responsible for (i) establishing/enforcing rules and procedures for administering this rate schedule and (ii) determining whether customers meet the qualifications set forth herein. Customers shall provide information on a timely basis for the purposes of verifying eligibility and administering the terms of this rate schedule.

8. Schedule EDR-3 shall remain effective for new qualified customers through June 30, 2019 . No EDR-3 discounts will be applied for billing periods after June 30, 2024.

9. Customers terminating their electric service prior to completion of the 60 month discount period, and who do not immediately transfer service to a successor at that location with a similar scale operation for the remaining discount term, shall be required to refund a pro rata portion of their discount in excess of 15% based on the length of time still remaining in the discount period. For example, a customer terminating service after 40 months shall be responsible for repaying 20/60 (i.e. 1/3) of the dollar amount of the discounts previously received in excess of the 15% level.

10. The Director of Utilities shall be responsible for implementing this rate schedule to include determination of whether or not an applicant qualifies hereunder for a discounted service.

11. The Azusa Utility Board may modify or eliminate EDR-3 at any time provided that such modifications or elimination shall not affect entities that have been previously approved for service under EDR-3.

Application Form

The EDR-3 application form must be completed by the customer, signed, dated and presented to Azusa Light and Water for review and approval. Please contact Paul Reid at (626) 812-5154 for information.