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Solar Partnership Program
ATTENTION: Effective immediately, the Solar Partnership Program is fully subscribed. Customers can be placed on a waiting list for when additional funds become available.

Azusa Light & Water finds a utility partnership with its customers to be very important. To better serve its customers, Azusa Light & Water has designed a program to help reduce the cost of installing distributed solar photovoltaic systems. Customers interested in installing a photovoltaic system may want to contact a solar contractor first, before contacting Azusa Light & Water.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Azusa Light and Water does not endorse, nor does Azusa Light and Water have any partnerships or affiliations with, any specific solar installation company.

Detailed information regarding solar systems and contractors can be found on the California Energy Commission’s website. Additional information can also be found on the Consumer Education in Renewable Energy website.

Solar Partnership Program Procedures
  1. Per Senate Bill 1 Guidelines, customers should implement all cost effective, energy efficiency measures before installing a distributed energy generation system
  2. Customer chooses a contractor to help identify system needs, cost, and complete the system design.
  3. Follow the numbered instructions in the Solar Process Flow Chart (Modified 3/4/13)  depending if there is a rebate application or not.

Net Solar Generation Buy-Back Rate
This schedule provides an incentive to customers for installation of solar generation systems and to comply with Assembly Bill 510.

Schedule NGP