Sharps Disposal Containers

Needles and Sharps Medical Waste Banned from Trash
It is against the law to dispose of home-generated sharps, such as needles or syringes, into the trash. In order to help Azusa residents dispose of their sharps waste properly, the City of Azusa has previously implemented a sharps mail back container program. However, due to the continued rising cost of implementing this program, the mail back containers will slowly be phased out until supplies last but will be substituted by a more convenient solution at NO COST to the residents. Yes, no more $5 co-pay! No more trips to the post office! And best of all…it’s unlimited!* You can still pick-up the container from any of our participating locations and when it is full, drop it off at a specially marked drop box at the Azusa Senior Center. Residents can also deposit any rigid sealed containers such as soda bottles up to 2-liter in size.

Remember, proof of residency and proof of necessity such as prescription or receipt from a sharps purchase is still required.

Participating Locations
Azusa Senior Center
740 N. Dalton Avenue
(626) 812-5204

Foothill Drug Pharmacy
680 E. Alosta Avenue, Suite 113
(626) 334-1502

Azusa Medical Pharmacy

507 N. Azusa Avenue
(626) 969-4202

*No limit per year. Pick-up 1 every time a full container is dropped off.