Detailed Charges Explanation

  1. Water Customer Charge

    Water meter size charge.

  2. Water Usage

    Charge based on water usage.

  3. Electric Usage

    Charge based on electric usage.

  4. Sewer Charge

    Charge for sewer system usage.

  5. State Energy Tax

    Charge based on amount set by state multiplied by electric usage.

  6. Electric and Water Users Tax

    Charge based on city determined amount multiplied by electric and water usage.

  7. Community Maintenance Fee

    Fee for the purpose of maintaining public landscaping.

  8. Trash Service Fee

    Charge for residential trash service.

  9. Power Cost Adjustment

    Adjustment to electric rate for the actual cost of purchasing and generating electric power and energy.

  10. Economic Development Rate

  11. Public Benefit Charge

    State of California required charge to establish a fund to benefit the public.

  12. R.W.C.A.F.

    Charge to cover the costs of purchasing replacement water.