Recycling Tips

Source Reduction
Preventing waste from being generated reduces waste at the source and is called "source reduction." Here are some source reduction tips:

  • Buy in bulk to avoid purchasing too much packaging
  • Buy concentrates instead of single serving packages
  • Avoid buying pump toothpastes - tubes use 3 times less plastic
  • Have a garage sale
  • Buy and maintain durable products
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Rent, borrow, or share infrequently used tools and equipment
  • Make 2-sided copies
  • Take your lunch in reusable containers
  • Use email instead of paper memos
Disposable products
Disposable products may be convenient, but they create more waste, filling landfills. Look for products that can be reused:

Helpful Solutions
Use: Instead of: Sponges or rags Paper towels Rechargeable batteries Disposable batteries Plastic containers Foil or plastic wrap Reusable coffee filters Paper coffee filters Reusable plates and cups Paper or foam plates and cups Refillable razors Disposable razors Reusable cameras Disposable cameras