The Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility owned by the Southern California Gas Company was shutdown following discovery of a leak in October 2015 and caused over 8,000 households in Porter Ranch to evacuate. Natural gas from this facility is critical to service natural gas power plants during peak demand summer and winter periods.

Azusa Light & Water  will strive to provide information to the public before a power outage but everyone is urged to prepare now!

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Have a plan with your family in case of prolonged power outage.

The Aliso Canyon to Azusa "Effect"

Although Azusa Light & Water does not rely upon or obtain natural gas from the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility to generate electricity delivered to Azusa, ALW is still affected due to its connection with the regional electric grid. Much electricity in California is generated from natural gas, so gas shortages can easily translate into shortages of power supplies.

What to Expect this Summer

Unlike gas, electric power cannot be easily stored. All utilities will be sharing whatever power is available in “real time”. Power outages may occur when there are less supplies and higher demand especially during extreme hot days when air conditioning use is high.

How Azusa Light & Water is Preparing

ALW has a strong record of providing reliable electricity to its customers and has earned the RP3 (Reliable Public Power Provider) award from the American Public Power Association for providing its customers with highly reliable and safe electric service. The utility is updating its current emergency notification and load-shedding program, working with high power consuming businesses, conducting outreach to customers and vulnerable residents with medical equipment, and ramping up its energy conservation programs/communications.



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