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June 1, 2017

Due to improved water supply conditions as a result of rainfall statewide over the past 6 months, the Governor rescinded his Emergency Drought order on April 7th. The State Water Board followed by eliminating mandatory conservation standards for water agencies, but left in place mandatory water use restrictions for customers.

In parts of California water supply is plentiful, however, the local Main San Gabriel Basin underground aquifer (water) levels remain below the desired operating range. Given the variability of rainfall in Southern California, it is important to remain vigilant with respect to water use and continue conservation as a way of life.

ALW’s customers have done a great job saving water and meeting every drought challenge posed in recent years. Thank you!

Recognizing that the water supply is improved, ALW water customers have an extra day of allowed landscape watering during the Summer Months (April-October).

   Summer Months
(April through October)
Winter Months 
(November through March)
      Even Address  Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday  Thursday, Sunday
      Odd Address  Monday, Wednesday, Saturday  Wednesday, Saturday
Commercial/HOA  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  Monday, Friday

Watering by a hand-held hose with a positive shut-off nozzle, a bucket or watering can; a rain barrel; a drip irrigation system; or reclaimed, recycled or gray wastewater may be done on any day.

All mandatory water conservation measures (see Water Rule 21) will continue to apply, including:

• No excess runoff
• No watering between 9 AM to 6 PM
• Watering is limited to 30 minutes per location per day
• No washing down hardscape
• Vehicle handwashing only with bucket and hose with positive shutoff nozzle
• No watering during rain events or 48 hours afterwards

In order to facilitate recharge of the local groundwater basin in preparation for future water shortage periods, water users shall actively seek to limit the total water usage to an amount equal to or less than the corresponding month of the prior year.

Remember, mandatory water use restrictions will continue to be enforced. Water Conservation Officers will be checking for violations of water conservation measures and issuing citations and fines. 

We are counting on you! Historically, water shortage conditions have occurred many times over the years -- the next one may just be around the corner. Please continue to embrace the lessons learned over the past years and continue your conservation habits. 


Water Rule 21
Rebates and Drought Resources