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Making Water Conservation a Way of Life


THANK YOU for all your past and continuing efforts to conserve water during this historic drought. Together, we were able to meet the State’s requirement of a 20% water usage reduction as part of the Governor’s state emergency drought response.

However, significant drought conditions continue in parts of the state including Southern California. Azusa Light & Water’s (ALW’s) water resources remain at historically low levels and, due to the lack of local rainfall, our water supplies will continue to be a concern. Note the following:

• Main San Gabriel Basin is near its all-time low in amount of stored underground water
• Only 12 inches of local rainfall this year; 7.8 inches last year (normal year’s average is 18 inches)
• Combined storage of the 3 San Gabriel River dams is 18% of normal – much of which cannot be utilized

Effective July 1, 2016, the watering of lawns, landscapes and other turf areas shall be limited as follows:

(1) 2 Days Per Week Watering Schedule:


• Two days per week, if using automatic sprinklers
• No watering between 9 AM to 6 PM
• 30 minutes limit per location on designated days, but no runoff
Even* Commercial
& HOAs
n/a Odd* Even* Commercial 
& HOAs
*Even and Odd refer to the last number of addresses

Remember, water use restrictions will continue to be enforced. Water Conservation Officers will be checking for violations of water conservation measures (including allowed watering days) and issuing citations and fines. Fines for residential water users range from $50-$200; and for commercial and public agency water users from $100-$600.

For a detailed description of Mandatory Water Conservation measures, citations, fines, and appeal process, visit the Azusa Light & Water website, or call our Drought Hot Line at (626) 812-5119.

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