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Foothill Transit Rider Alert

Proposed Fare and Service Changes for Foothill Transit

Foothill Transit is seeking your input for a proposed system shift that includes significant fare and service changes. But they don’t want to move forward without your feedback!

These changes will be planned after they receive input from riders like you and how those changes will impact you and your commute. They are also asking the public for input on other changes you want to see.

Fares at Foothill Transit have not changed since 2010, and in the seven years since, things have shifted dramatically in the region. People are traveling farther for longer hours to get to their destinations, which add to the cost of doing business (more fuel, more wear and tear). On the flip side, less people are using Foothill Transit.  This is partly due to some pretty significant population shifts, but also because gas is cheap and cars are easier to obtain. In fact, ridership on public transit is down across the region.

One fare proposal introduces a new and much requested day pass while increasing the fares which will maintain the same level of service in the face of rising costs.  Bonus for TAP card users – fares will not go up much, if at all.   The fare changes would take place in two stages to minimize the impact on our customers.

  • Proposal to simplify the prices of fares and passes by pricing fares in multiples of $0.25 and passes in multiples of $5.
  • Provide a discount for TAP card customers to encourage TAP card use.
  • Introduction of a day pass, which would offer unlimited rides on all local lines and the Silver Streak for a full day.
  • Proposing to away with Foothill Transit-to-Foothill Transit transfers.
  • The proposed fares would maintain a 50% minimum discount on fares and passes for Seniors/Persons with Disabilities/Medicare customers.
  • Maintain a 25% minimum discount on 31-day passes for students.

In Azusa one of the major changes would be to Line 187 which will split the line to create two lines, Lines 187 (western segment) and 188 (eastern segment).

Why? Line 187 is one of the most popular and longest routes in service – the average trip length is about 2 ½ hours long. The proposed change will include new stops at the Santa Anita Mall and near the LA Arboretum in Arcadia.

Some FAQs:

Why is Foothill Transit proposing these fare changes?
Foothill Transit has not changed its fares since 2010. In the last seven years, things have shifted dramatically in the region. We’re travelling farther for longer hours to get customers where they need to be, which adds to the cost of running the buses (more fuel, more wear and tear). While costs are rising, fewer people are riding. This is partly due to significant population shifts, but also because gas is cheaper and cars are easier to obtain. If fares are not adjusted, Foothill may have to reduce service.

In addition, the new fare proposal is intended to improve the efficiency and convenience of riding on Foothill Transit.  They want to offer discounts for frequent riders, speed up boarding by reducing the number of cash transactions at the farebox, protect customers by promoting TAP use, and encourage ridership by improving their ability to keep the buses running on time.

Why are transfers between Foothill Transit buses changing?
Our proposal to move from a transfer system to a day pass system will help speed up boarding and help service run on schedule.

These and other similar questions can be addressed at any of the upcoming Public Meetings listed below:

Tuesday, April 11, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Glendora Library (Bidwell Forum)
140 Glendora Ave, Glendora, CA 91741
Take Line 284 to Glendora Ave and Foothill Blvd.

Wednesday, April 12, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Covina City Hall (Council Chambers)
125 E College St, Covina, CA 91723
Take Line 281 to 2nd Ave and College St.

Thursday, April 20, from 1 to 3 p.m. at El Monte City Hall East (Council Chambers)
11333 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA 91731
Take Line 178, 194, or 270 to Valley Blvd and Johnson Ave.

Public Hearing:

Saturday, April 22, at 9 a.m. in West Covina
100 S Vincent Ave, 2nd Floor, West Covina, CA 91790
Take Line 480, 488, or the Silver Streak to Vincent Ave. and Lakes Dr.

  • 9 a.m. discussion of fare changes
  • 11 a.m. discussion of service changes

If you can’t make it to any of these meetings, you can mail, E-mail or FAX in your comments to:

Foothill Transit
Re: Changes
100 S. Vincent Ave.,
Suite 200, West Covina, CA 91790


(626) 967-4608

Once they have your input, it will be sent to the Governing Board for review in May.  If the proposed changes are approved, they will go into effect in October 2017