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Lagunitas Brewery #3 in Azusa

Tony Magee, founder and self- described “Warlord” of Lagunitas Brewery, answers some questions about water conservation efforts at the new Lagunitas Brewery in Azusa.

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Why The Move To Azusa?

The primary reason is that the Petaluma plant is completely built-out and cannot be expanded any further to meet future production needs.  With current production growth rates, it will be at about 85% of capacity in approximately 18 months.  And although Chicago still has plenty of room for expansion, Lagunitas does not want to ship to the West from Chicago.  Secondly, we are doing well with beer lovers in the Southland and the Southwest in general and we want to be closer and more involved with our customer base and region.  Lastly, Mexico is nearby and our future development plans include it in our company’s marketing and production structure.  

Lagunitas will be opening their third brewery location at 1001 N. Todd Ave in Azusa in 2017.