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                 If You Are Seeing Snow On Your TV...Here's Why

If you turned on your TV on April 15, and got nothing but a snowy picture on all channels, it is because Azusa cable provider Charter Communication has gone to a digital format.  The new digital format requires a digital set-top box which can be picked-up at Charter offices, 4781 Irwindale Avenue or by calling (626) 598-8293.

On or after April 15, 2014, Charter will begin removing the analog format of every channel from their TV lineup and delivering only high-quality digital signals to each television outlet to all homes and businesses in Azusa. 

Over time, television technology has transitioned from low-tech analog to the high-quality digital format.  There is no additional fee for the new HD channels for customers already subscribing to Charter HD services.

Over 90 percent of Charter's customers are already using digital equipment from Charter to view their favorite channels.  For customers without a Charter issued set top box or a CableCard device connected to their televisions, this change will require each TV to be installed with Charter Digital equipment to continue viewing favorite programming.

To ensure a smooth transition for non-digital households, Charter is providing free digital equipment to customers for a specified period of time depending on eligibility.  These offers will vary based on a customer's current level of service and are described in greater detail in the attached customer notification.  Applicable standard equipment rate card pricing will apply upon expiration of those offers.

Customer notification efforts have included first class letters, phone calls, telemarketing efforts and an informational website:

Please contact me Charter with any questions or comments you may have at the customer care group at 1-888-GET CHARTER (1-888-438-2427).


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